Open Bank Enterprise is a technological solution for financial institutions 100% web-based that controls all internal and customer service processes digitally, integrating payment gateways, electronic signature, electronic invoicing, fingerprint identification, facial recognition, digital records, document management, workflows, emails, video chats, text and voice messages, and integration with WhatsApp, among others, text and voice messages and integration with WhatsApp, among others, making a true digital transformation in the entity. In addition, Open Bank has specialized self-service portals where customers can perform digital transactions, request and electronically sign credit applications, consult statements, make payments, etc. All the management performed in Open Bank is 100% integrated with accounting, which makes it possible to provide reports and financial statements in real time, facilitating analysis and statistical graphs that help in decision making.

Open Bank Enterprise has integral solutions for fundraising, money placement, credit factory, branch service branch, online system, collection management, electronic payroll, accounting and more than 50 modules for the integral and efficient operation of financial institutions.

Electronic Invoice

Payment Gateway
Electronic Signature


SMS and Email
Credit Factory
Document Management
File in the Cloud

Debit Card

Video Chat




Campaign Marketing

Savings Capture

And more than 50 Modules




Multi-language software 100% web, specialized in the financial and solidarity sector, with more than 20 years of evolution, which offers a digital transformation solution and conversion to fintech for your entity, integrating digital platforms such as payment gateways, electronic invoice, electronic signature, WhatsApp among others, with presence in 4 countries in Latin America and based in the USA; it has a high level of parameterization, to offer an efficient and reliable management of information; guaranteeing you the most adequate supply and technical service channels, in terms of advice, consulting and implementation of the Information System, raising your organization to the best standards of productivity and continuous improvement, translated into shorter response times, reduction of Operational Risk and increased value in the organization’s productivity chain.

API Integrations

Open Bank provides Api integration with different technology platforms and innovation ecosystems, to empower business transformation and take your corporation to another level. Our commitment is to maximize the value of your business in everything we do, with the ultimate goal of achieving financial agility by meeting the needs of the market.

¿About Us?

We are a company specialized in technology solutions for the financial sector, we have offices in Colombia and the United States and presence in 4 Latin American countries, with a track record of over 20 years. We offer solutions for the fintech sector; our services are provided by highly qualified professionals in the selection and use of methodologies, with technical and administrative management experience, we have a research and development division which is constantly generating new versions and improvements according to new technological trends providing added value to our solutions, supported by modules designed and developed in robust programming languages, with the sole specific purpose of meeting the information management needs of the entities of the financial and solidarity sector.



Our experience of more than 20 years offering effective solutions for the financial and solidarity sector, are corroborated by the testimonials of satisfaction of users of our solutions who have been operating our software for more than 15 years offering stability and growth in conjunction with our solution.

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